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Elaine Butler, is a sustainable living writer, speaker and advocate who has been publishing the sustainable living guide since 2016. She’s a regular guest on Irish radio and TV and has contributed content to a number of national news outlets. She is married, has 2 kids and lives in Dublin.

Sarah Sheeran is a media producer who started making mad viral videos in the early days of YouTube and somehow ended up working in the world of telly and digital marketing for most of her career. After the birth of her first son over 5 years ago she started getting the odd pang of guilt about the climate impact of her family’s lifestyle. There’s nothing like a 2am feed to get one pondering the bigger questions. The guilt turned to some kind of small actions towards sustainability at home. Actions that have been often thwarted by loud kids and sometimes a pandemic, but that eventually led to collaborating on this podcast. 

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