Zero Food Waste

Daniel is a software engineer living in Dublin

‘I would love far less food waste and more cooked at home meals’

We are delighted to present the second episode in our eco-challenge series. In it we meet Daniel Lewis, a young man committed to reducing the food waste he generates over a 4-week period.

He had just starting cooking daily, but was finding it difficult to buy the right amount of food to cook for one person. He’d tried a few strategies to reduce the food waste but nothing worked for long.

Shockingly 1/4 to 1/3 of all the food created globally goes to waste. The greenhouse gases that this puts into the atmosphere is 3 times as much as that emitted by aviation, In Ireland it equates to 1 million cars on the road. Thankfully though, it’s something we can all do something about.

Before this challenge Daniel was finding food waste very difficult to avoid. ‘When I was in the office, I was lucky enough to get fed three meals a day. Now working from home, it’s all up to me to do the cooking and the shopping. So I’ve noticed it’s a big challenge. I’ve been throwing away a lot of food, so I’m just kind of interested to see if I can reduce my waste.’

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He would start with the best of intentions but somehow life always managed to get in the way with the result being a bag of mouldy carrots or rancid meat. ‘When it comes to food, sometimes I just don’t want to have chicken tonight. And if chicken is the only thing in the fridge, I’ll get takeaway.’ This isn’t unusual, we’ve all been there, but armed with some advice and tips from Elaine, Daniel was hopeful he could turn over a new leaf.

To give him the best chance we asked TV chef Erica Drum to tell us her best pointers to keep food out of the brown bin. She gave us some great advice on how best to store vegetables, use leftover food and revive stale bread.

At the end of this challenge, we were shocked at just how much Daniel had reduced his food waste. It really goes to show that with a bit of guidance and a change in mindset we can lessen the environmental impact we have, while saving money.

Want to Start your own Challenge.

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Thank You
We’d like to thank the following people for their help with this episode;

  • Sarah Pain, academic researcher looking at food waste
  • Erica Drum, TV chef and zero food waste advocate

Thanks also to Andrew Sheeran for composing original music for us.

This podcast was researched and hosted by Elaine Butler and Sarah Sheeran. It was produced and edited by Sarah Sheeran.

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